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The world of software development is becoming more and more opensource. Previously open source software was a domain for hard core computer scientists. But now open source software is leading enterprise development and there are now a plethora of technologies and frameworks to serve various business needs.

Why are more and more projects going open source?

As businesses are becoming more dynamic the traditional approach may not address the constantly changing business demands. Software is essential to all businesses and keeping it up to date is also very important,which requires a lot of resources from infrastructure, analysts, and developers. As the cost may not outweigh the benefits businesses choose to make do with what they have, which may seem like a sensible option in the short term. However in the long term it may go against you as your current infrastructure may not be able to support future demands for innovation.

Is open source a solution?

A business in need of a software service, open source software provides a realistic option it is well supported and it is free. As a software vendor the adopting the open source community requires more thought. Traditionally vendors make their money through licensing their products to their clients, opening up their products would put themselves at risk. Therefore you need to carefully consider a strategy as you may be reducing your competitive advantage.

Business Models


A dual license model provides their software under a free license as well as a proprietary licence. Under the dual licence often a community version of the software is available for free, and they also have paid enterprise versions with extra features.


Whilst a business may choose to release their software under an opensource agreement. They may choose to follow up the release with consulting services where consultants are expected to have domain specific business knowledge, as well as the technical knowledge on the product.

Other models include Saas, advertising, and to a lesser extend a crowd funding model. However most projects will adopt more than one model depending on their business need and objectives.


One of the biggest advantages of open source software is its community backing. When a project goes open source it is available to the public, therefore improvements and bug fixes are quicker. One of the major differences between Microsoft and the Java platform is the fact that the JVM has been open source for many years, which has allowed developers across the world to create robust frameworks with the support of there own opensource community. Only recently Microsoft have opened up there platform, which underlines the importance of the backing of an open source community and its role in the future of software development.


The open source movement in itself is not a paradigm shift as the concept has been around for years, however there are many ‘disruptive’ start ups who have based there entire business on an opensource model and have proved extremely successful. Generally such approach establishes an entrepreneurial culture within a company, provides greater scope for innovation and growth.


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