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In 2015 the tech industry has seen a rapid raise in innovative tech start ups. As venture capitals are willing to invest in innovative start ups the trend is set to continue. The growth of start ups depends very much on it’s culture, yes we are a bunch of cool people and we love our free lunches, in house games rooms. However this doesn’t really make up a culture of a company, its more of the perks of the job.

Innovation through collaboration 

Collaboration is the key to all innovation specially in a tech company, even as the company grows collaboration should be a core part of the companies culture. Commonly as companies grow more structures are put into place, where individuals become more sand boxed and confined to a certain area of the business.

the red tape…

Many technologist in the banking industry would be quick to point out there frustration of the amount of red tape they encounter. From the on set, start ups should look at ways to minimise corporate bureaucracy and put the focus on the individual. Otherwise often organisations become robotic in nature, and individuals are left sand boxed able to offer very little to the company.


Start ups often benefit from a very flat structure, allowing senior stake holders to have direct communication with the employees. This gives the employees a sense of empowerment as they are able to express there ideas on the growth and direction of the company. Google are the worlds biggest innovators and they encourage a culture openness, where everyone can be a contributor.

Cross functional

Traditionally tech projects have built teams around well defined roles where each member is responsible for a particular task. This has now changed, gone are the days where a developer was handed a technical spec, developers now require in depth knowledge of the business and require greater interaction with other business functions. Having cross functional teams can be very rewarding for tech start ups, as individuals broaden their range of skills, and individuals from different disciplines work together which improves problem solving and solutions become more pragmatic. The approach offers individuals greater transparency on the objectives of the business, ultimately leads to everyone having a clear vision of the future with an openness for everyone to contribute to it.


One of the key feature of recent start ups is that they are now willing to contribute to the opensource community. As a organisation this increases the reach of a business, and provides a public platform for your technologist to engage with the rest of the world and expand the knowledge base you already built up. Contribution to the openness source community doesn’t always have to be the companies main product, contributing towards domain specific can be hugely rewarding. This provides a platform for all your technologist to enhance there skill set as well as building a truly entrepreneurial environment.

The reality

The tech space is evolving and putting collaboration at the for front. Architectural styles are becoming very much domain focused, enabling effective cross functional teams to develop. Even larger organisations are focused on methodologies to make the working environment a collaborative space. Building a community be it internal or public is the culture most start ups are adopting and are reaping great rewards for it.


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